How to meet 2014

You will need – Christmas tree; – Blue and green Christmas tree balls; – Horse symbol – Wooden utensils – Horseshoe; – Bouquets of straw or dry flowers; – gifts. Instruction 1 Special attention should be paid to general cleaning and, surprisingly, plumbing: it is said that with leaking from leaking taps water from the … Read more

How to dress a baby for the New Year

Instruction 1 The main time of fun in the kids usually starts on December 25 and ends on January 7. These days in kindergartens, schools, palaces of culture take place matinees, performances and other events. Children dress up in beautiful New Year costumes. Girls often wish to be the heroines of their favorite fairy tales: … Read more

How to rest for the new year 2014

Instructions 1 New Year holidays in 2014 will last only eight days: weekends will be from 1 to 8 January (inclusive). In the same mode we had a rest in January 2013. But there is one significant difference: if last year 30 and 31 December were “flattened” to the New Year’s holiday, there are no … Read more

How to meet 2015

Goat is a pretty humble animal. She won’t like noisy festivities in big companies. As they say, the New Year is a family holiday. It is under this motto that we need to meet 2015. Atthe festive table, it is best to be gathered by your family or a close circle of close people. The … Read more