What will banks mortgage not give?

Cases in which the lender refused to provide a mortgage for the purchase of their own home are very many, their reasons are understandable and often predicted. Consider them. Reason 1. The house is queued for demolition. The lender will refuse anyway, as it fears losing the object of collateral. Reason 2. The pledge is … Read more

What to do if mortgage payments are overdue;

Mortgage is quite a big liability, because this loan is usually issued for a long term (at least 10 years). Everything happens in life, and sometimes quite decent borrowers allow delinquency on the loan. Well, if it’s only temporary financial difficulties no more than three months, after which the entire amount of delinquency is extinguished. … Read more

How to redeem it early

You will need – passport; – credit agreement; – amount sufficient to repay the loan. Instruction 1 Examine a loan agreement concluded with a bank or other credit organization. Not every bank gives the opportunity to repay the mortgage loan early. For example, an agreement between you and the lender may clearly spell out that … Read more

Mortgage Myths

The first and most common myth “mortgage is bondage” So most people believe. This opinion is connected with the fact that payment on the mortgage loan will be a significant sum from the income of the family. Yeah, the amount isn’t small, it really is. Mortgage in Russia is expensive (10 -12% per annum — … Read more