Why dont we do what we want

We refuse to do what we want. And this has been faced with for once in their lives. Over time, there is frustration in yourself. We start blaming our willpower for the fact that it simply doesn’t exist. This leads to insecurity and indecision. So what prevents us from succeeding in fulfilling our own desires? … Read more

4 ways to boost your own motivation

Self-motivation plays a very important role in self-development. It is necessary to learn yourself to incite interest in certain tasks, rather than wait for someone else to do so. If the level of self-motivation is high, even the most difficult case can be brought to a logical conclusion. There are many ways that will help … Read more

12 ways to boost self-esteem

You’ll need Instruction 1 Don’t compare yourself to other people. There will always be people having more of you, and having less of you. By occupying yourself with constant comparisons, you are mired in a huge number of imaginary opponents you cannot outdo. Appreciate what you have. 2 Stop censure and scold yourself, do not … Read more

How to load man

First you need to define the dominant human perception system. That is, learn how he receives most of the information: through hearing, vision, or tactile sensations. Usually the person points it out himself, only unknowingly. If it constantly asks you to look at something, then the dominant one is the visual system. If you hear … Read more

How to stop being afraid of the end of the light

Why won’t the end of the world? Humanity has been foreshadowed more than once by an imminent and imminent demise: natural disasters, flashes in the Sun, landing of aggressive inhabitants of another planet, the third world war — options multitude. The media often artificially draw unnecessary attention to this topic by operating in multidimensional terms, … Read more

How to regain faith in yourself

Instruction 1 Do not fixate on failures. Any given task has a solution. And even a mistake doesn’t mean you’re incompetent. Failure is just one option. And if you went the wrong way, accept that fact and look for a solution further. Set goals and achieve results. 2 Praise yourself for making good decisions. Some … Read more

How to test yourself for selfish

Traditionally love is opposed to hate, but there is a view that the right thing would be contrasted – selfishness. It’s a normal and natural trait of a person, to varying degrees. The hitch is just to this very extent, and to define it (or at least reflect on the scale of one’s own selfishness) … Read more

How to effectively remember information

Instruction 1 Define the main thing. Try to draw out the most basic information to be remembered. Everything else doesn’t need to be turned off from the memorization process, but it’s better to start dropping. 2 Focus. If you have any experiences or other things, you should first resolve them. Unnecessary thoughts, not directed at … Read more