What is libido

Human Libido Striving for sexual contact is very important for a person. It is sex that leads to the reproduction of humanity: naturally conceive and bear a child without soitia is simply impossible. Despite the advances of medicine in this field of procreation, libido still remains the most important factor, in some sense determining the … Read more

How lovers being

Signs of a crazy crush If a person is in love, he will show sexual attraction to you. It is known that this is the very first sign of couples convergence, but not in all cases. One should look, especially at a man’s behavior, after sexual intimacy. Sometimes it happens that a boy loses interest … Read more

Psychosomatics: a look at the causes of disease

The term “psychosomatics” can be used in a different meaning besides a special look at the causes of disease. Psychosomatic in this case are called contrived diseases. They can “show up” in medical students studying a variety of illnesses. In the course of training, applicants find symptoms of a particular disease — trembling in the … Read more

How to remember the past

Instruction 1 You can resurrect the past by yourself if the psyche has not set a barrier. They are usually protected with too heavy memories, events that caused severe stress. Only a professional psychologist can break through this barrier. But most events can be remembered independently, the main thing is the right mood. 2 You … Read more

Can a greedy person be good

Greed – not a vice! Today, the line between the concepts of economy and greed has become almost transparent, because most people are used to interrupt from salary to salary and in many ways to deny themselves, let alone others. However, there are also reasonably well-off people who are afraid to spend an extra penny. … Read more

What is personality quality

Personality qualities are innate or acquired features of a person’s character. Some may change during life, especially under the influence of society, others remain unchanged. It is common among psychologists that many personal qualities are formed in the first five years of life, and subsequently they are only adjusted. Different character features can be attributed … Read more

How to remember children

Instruction 1 Memories of childhood sit deep inside the subconscious. Help them out of there to get the items that surrounded you once. You can forget what the teacher’s name was in kindergarten. But at the same time, be sure to remember the bear, who slept with before school. Try to find as many things … Read more