How to deal with stress in isolation

Stress  All people experience different emotions all the time. They can be both positive and negative. But how do you know it’s stressful? Stress can be experienced from anything. For example, you have swallowed hot coffee in the morning, opened hot water in the bathroom instead of cold water, etc. But only when the body’s … Read more

How to determine your stress level?

Unfortunately, stress occurs in almost every modern person living in a big city. The tense rhythm of life, social and financial complexities, lack of time and constant rush all accompanies us to varying degrees. Depending on the individual characteristics and type of nervous system, each person adapts to the stressful living conditions in his own … Read more

How to live after a husbands treason;

Instruction 1 You have learned that your spouse is incorrect to you. Your feelings are understandable and natural. However, you absolutely need to calm down and consider everything carefully. So first you can (and even need to relieve nervous tension) splash out emotions. Then still try to take your hands. 2 Frankly answer yourself to … Read more

How not to be nervous on trifles

Instruction 1 Don ‘t try to stop being nervous with alcohol. Alcoholic drinks are depressants. Eating them will not help you to become calmer and more balanced. Constantly taking sedatives in minutes of excitement and anxiety is not the way out either. Some components of drugs are addictive, and then they stop affecting the body. … Read more

Simple breathing techniques vs stress

Thanks to simple breathing techniques against stress, the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in the blood will quickly decrease and slow down its production. In addition, the heart rate will normalize, the pulse will decrease, anxiety, excitement, headache will pass. Gradually the tension in the body will go away, and more oxygen will arrive to … Read more