How to fight workaholism

Instead of an epigraph — the great Bernard Shaw: “I am not afraid of anything in the world as days off.” The word “workaholism” was first introduced in 1971 by Wayne Oates, a priest and psychologist from the United States. In the same year, he will publish the book “The Confession of a Workaholic”. However, … Read more

How to love: 6 steps to liberation

Unhappy love happens to most of us at least once in our lives. Whether this other person was mutually in love or didn’t answer your feelings from the start, dums about him won’t do you any good. Do you constantly look at your phone in the hope that he (she) will finally call? You can’t … Read more

Internet addiction: how to fight?

1. Leave the phone in the bag for the time of meeting with friendsProbably in our time meeting in a circle of friends who unsuccessfully try to talk to each other, but the conversation doesn’t get along because of the fact that someone constantly checking your mail and social media, ceased to be a rarity. … Read more

How to treat love addiction

What is a love addiction The relationship of two people undoubtedly requires loyalty, dedication and willingness to meet the needs of a loved one. But it is important that it is mutual and valued by others. Do not get carried away with showing your feelings, especially if the partner cares. In such a situation, you … Read more

Harmful Habits and Sociophobia

Briefly, if a person has any problems with social interaction – they will always have tools to reinforce that very fear. Humans have discomfort situations in life, hence the desire to drown out the stress received from there by receiving positive hormones. Actually the whole emotional reinforcement situation is due to purely biological reasons. For … Read more

How money changes people

Instruction 1 The concept of “lots of money” for each its own. One is enough, doing your favorite business, to earn a quiet and happy life for yourself and children. For others, money is constantly scarce, and even if there is a round amount on the account, they cannot calm down, and work almost around … Read more