Why dont we do what we want

We refuse to do what we want. And this has been faced with for once in their lives. Over time, there is frustration in yourself. We start blaming our willpower for the fact that it simply doesn’t exist. This leads to insecurity and indecision. So what prevents us from succeeding in fulfilling our own desires? … Read more

What is libido

Human Libido Striving for sexual contact is very important for a person. It is sex that leads to the reproduction of humanity: naturally conceive and bear a child without soitia is simply impossible. Despite the advances of medicine in this field of procreation, libido still remains the most important factor, in some sense determining the … Read more

How to extract maximum use from quarantine

Culinary masterpieces  In the conditions of self-isolation, catfish has moved to free food delivery. The temptation is great to order rolls, pizzas and burgers every day. So many did, living in eternal ceitnot. Change your habits. Self-isolation is a great opportunity to learn how to prepare dishes that always lacked strength and time. Enjoy yourself … Read more

4 ways to boost your own motivation

Self-motivation plays a very important role in self-development. It is necessary to learn yourself to incite interest in certain tasks, rather than wait for someone else to do so. If the level of self-motivation is high, even the most difficult case can be brought to a logical conclusion. There are many ways that will help … Read more

12 ways to boost self-esteem

You’ll need Instruction 1 Don’t compare yourself to other people. There will always be people having more of you, and having less of you. By occupying yourself with constant comparisons, you are mired in a huge number of imaginary opponents you cannot outdo. Appreciate what you have. 2 Stop censure and scold yourself, do not … Read more