What are the reasons for the possible boycott of the Sochi Olympics;

First possible cause Researchers call several reasons for this international misunderstanding. One is American fugitive Edward Snowden. In the summer of 2013, a disgraced CIA agent asked the Russian government for political asylum and soon received it. The US authorities almost immediately began to express their disapproval to Moscow, however, so did not achieve anything. … Read more

How Sochi residents feel about hosting the Olympics in the city

Problem preparation Preparation for this project lasts exactly 7 years. And all these years, Sochi residents have been plagued by a lack of basic amenities, an enlarged police force and incessant roadworks. There are often conversations among Sochi people about where to leave before March! The feelings of these people can be understood. Mass preparation, … Read more

Who entered the Russian Olympic Team 2014

Russian national team Olympic team of the Russian Federation is nothing more than 223 participants who can be considered among the best representatives of sports of the world to date. After all, participation, much less victory in such a celebration of sport as the Olympics, is perhaps the highest reward for a country that has … Read more

What does the IOC and ORC

Under the face of the acronym IOC hides a special authority of the World Olympic Games. These letters are deciphered not other than the International Olympic Committee. In addition to such a meeting, there is also a subsidiary body with authority of a peculiar nature and assembled from authoritative participants in the event of a … Read more