2006 Winter Olympiad

City elections for the XX Winter Games took place under a new scheme. To avoid a repeat of the bribery scandals of IOC members that accompanied the previous two votes, the International Olympic Committee did not send representatives to candidate countries. Of the six entries submitted, two were selected, and in the traditional vote Turin … Read more

2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City

The decision that the next games will be held in Salt Lake City was made at a meeting of the International Olympic Committee in 1995. In 2002, 78 nations sent their teams to the Olympics. Teams from Cameroon, Nepal, Tajikistan and Thailand were represented at similar games for the first time. The competition was contested … Read more

1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow

The history of these games began with an international scandal. US President Jimmy Carter has called for a boycott of the Olympic Games in the USSR. The call became a sign of protest against the entry of Soviet troops into Afghanistan. A mixed reaction ensued. About fifty countries supported the idea and did not send … Read more

2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver

Canadians took into account the mistakes of their neighbors when organizing previous games in North America. The 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City (USA) became famous even before the competition began attempts to bribe IOC officials and protests of local, mostly Mormon, population. In Canada, the preparation process made it as transparent as possible from … Read more