What are the reasons for the possible boycott of the Sochi Olympics;

First possible cause Researchers call several reasons for this international misunderstanding. One is American fugitive Edward Snowden. In the summer of 2013, a disgraced CIA agent asked the Russian government for political asylum and soon received it. The US authorities almost immediately began to express their disapproval to Moscow, however, so did not achieve anything. … Read more

How the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece

Long before the games started, the riders went around the whole Hellas, heralding the coming contests. And from all over people started to flock to Olympia. A general truce was declared in order to rid them of unnecessary dangers. It operated some time before the start of the games, for the period of their holding … Read more

How the last Olympic Games went out

The emblem of the games was a hero named Ilanaak – a “friend” composed of five Olympic colors. Two of the game’s mottos were borrowed from Canada’s anthem: phrases in French’s “Most Brilliant Feats” and in English “With Flaming Hearts”. The original Olympics opening scenario was amended. A few hours before the ceremony it became … Read more

The most expensive Olympics in history

From the leaders in the ranking of the most expensive Olympic Games of the world can be distinguished Summer Beijing 2008. China, according to experts, left to hold competitions about $40 billion. At the same time, the authorities of China were able to do everything in such a way that they had no debts left. … Read more

How Sochi residents feel about hosting the Olympics in the city

Problem preparation Preparation for this project lasts exactly 7 years. And all these years, Sochi residents have been plagued by a lack of basic amenities, an enlarged police force and incessant roadworks. There are often conversations among Sochi people about where to leave before March! The feelings of these people can be understood. Mass preparation, … Read more

2006 Winter Olympiad

City elections for the XX Winter Games took place under a new scheme. To avoid a repeat of the bribery scandals of IOC members that accompanied the previous two votes, the International Olympic Committee did not send representatives to candidate countries. Of the six entries submitted, two were selected, and in the traditional vote Turin … Read more

Olympic mascots

Olympic mascot represents the quintessence of what competition organizers would like to convey to fans of the Olympic movement. Every mascot of the Olympics is a certain symbol of a particular city. And one of his appointments is to tell about the cultural and historical significance of the region where the Games will take place. … Read more

Where the 2004 Summer Olympics took place

The selection of the host city of the XXVIII Olympic Games began long – 9 years – before their scheduled date. Six cities from three continents, including St. Petersburg, submitted applications to the special commission of the International Olympic Committee. Five candidates reached the stage of voting – the Russian representative left on his own … Read more