What graphite lubrication

Characterization of graphite grease In nature graphite looks like a black substance with a dull shine. It conducts heat and electricity perfectly, is not corroded. Also graphite has antistatic and the ability to withstand high temperatures. Such qualities have made graphite quite a multifunctional material, which is used in many areas of industry and production. … Read more

Where to hand energy-saving lights

Instruction 1 Lamps contain up to 5 mg of mercury vapors in their internal device. If a light bulb accidentally breaks down in the apartment, in a trash bin or on a common bin, it will act poisoningly on the residents of the house, on the state of wildlife. That is why it was initially … Read more

Whats the tallest tree on earth

The tallest tree on the planet Sequoia is a woody plant belonging to the cypress family and conifer class. Experts consider this tree to be the tallest and oldest on Earth. Unique plants are often about seventy meters tall and even more, corresponding to the size of a building of twenty-five floors. Individual trees reach … Read more

Where did the expression “panic fear” go

Mythology In order to understand the origin of the expression “panic fear”, it is necessary to address the mythology of the ancient Greeks. According to their belief, on Mount Olympus lived the god of agriculture, fertility, cattle breeding. It was also considered the patron saint of all forest dwellers. That god’s name was Pan. Once … Read more

Will the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall?

Pisa Decoration The Leaning Tower of Leaning has impressive dimensions. Its height is more than 55 m, and the diameter of the base exceeds 15 m. Nearly three hundred steps lead to the upper tiers. The exterior walls have different thicknesses; towards the top of the structure it is reduced. Experts believe that the total … Read more

How Lake Baikal Appeare

Hypotheses about the origin of Baikal One of the first to explain the appearance of Lake Baikal was put forward by the participants of the expedition of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences in late 18th century. German researchers Johann Georgi and Peter Pallas, who collaborated with the Academy at the invitation of Catherine the … Read more

How to choose sleeping bags

Instruction 1 Decide what the comfort temperature of your bag should be. This option is the most important when selecting it depends on whether it will not be hot or cold at night. The comfort temperature is always indicated on the label and suggests what minimum temperature this sleeping bag is capable of withstanding. But … Read more

What the constellation Big Bear looks

Instruction 1 A group of stars that includes the most visible part of any constellation is called asterism. This asterism is the fragment of the Big Dipper, which has received in different times and in different peoples the names Plough, Ladder, Elk, Wagon, Seven Wise Men and even Funerary Stretchers and Plakalshitsa. 2 The most … Read more

How trees melt

You’ll need – axe; – bow saw; – two-handed saw; – chainsaw; – long pole. Instruction 1 Examine the tree to select the correct direction for its roll. It is easiest to dump a tree in the direction of the best development of its bitches, as well as in the direction of natural inclination and … Read more

How to distinguish sapphire glass from mineral

If the watch face has the inscription “Cristal”, then that means their glass is made of minerals. The inscription “Hardlex” also indicates the mineral origin of glass, but the hardness of such composition is higher due to special treatment. The inscription “Sapflex” suggests that mineral glass with a thin layer of sapphire was used to … Read more