Choosing a trampoline for child

Trampoline jumps not only give children a lot of pleasure, but also promote their health by developing coordination, strengthening leg muscles and normalizing breathing systems and circulatory. Inflatable trampolines Today on the market of children’s products is a wide range of frame and inflatable trampolines for home and street. Inflatable trampolines are bright coloured figures … Read more

Childrens contests on nature

For fast and nimble It is easiest to arrange entertainment for children in the woods, because everything you need for this literally lies under your feet. Do you guys want adventure? Arrange for the start of collecting cones on the chosen rest polanka. First, so it will be easy to clean it up for other … Read more

First birthday: holiday scenario

What to prepare? A lot of what you need to organize a children’s holiday, you certainly have. You need:– vischdeokamera – video projector– camera – computer with graphic and video editor – printer– paper – cards for invitation tickets– items for serving children’s and adult tables;– gifts for the birthday boy;– souvenirs for guests. Preparing … Read more

Choosing toys for boys

Weapons, equipment, constructors — tested and securely you can buy a traditional toy in the form of weapons — cold or firearms. After all, boy is a future man, and any man is a potential warrior who knows how to handle weapons. Especially since the choice of such toys is very wide. Toy weapons are … Read more