How the holidays are carried out

You will need – an order to set a day off; – an employee’s application for a day leave. Instruction 1 Use the first legal way: issue an order to declare the right day off. According to Rostrud’s letter N 5202-6-0 dated 19.12.2007, it is possible to implement this through a local normative act in … Read more

How to fill an employees personal card

Instruction 1 Fill the “cap” of the uniform form: 1) specify the code of the organization under the OKPO (this information can be obtained from the Information letter on the registration in the Statregistre of Rosstat or Notifications from the territorial body of the Federal Service of State Statistics issued to the organization ); 2) … Read more

How to fight the production

You will need – Labour Code; – employment contract; – documents confirming violation of your rights. Instruction 1 Analyze the situation. Fighting the arbitrariness of leadership will be justified if the chief’s actions violate your rights as enshrined in the Labour Code. For example, you can refuse to provide another vacation, not fully pay sick … Read more