What to do if spouse hides property

It is not uncommon when in the process of divorce and division of property one of the spouses tries to hide the property he has. The question arises — is it possible to check the existence of such property independently and how to confirm its existence, if there is indeed one? Now the ownership of … Read more

How children share in divorce

Instruction 1 The divorce procedure in a family where there is a minor child is made only by judicial procedure. Who the children will remain with will also be dealt with separately in court. 2 Spouses may independently come to an agreement on who the child will remain with, and where the child will live. … Read more

What is more profitable – will or gift?

The legal essence of the will and the donation contract Both the document can be drawn up only personally by the owner of the reissued property. Here, perhaps, the similarities end. A will is a unilateral transaction in which the owner transfers his real estate to another person or other persons, regardless of the degree … Read more

Change of court-ordered aliments

You will need either a notary agreement to pay new maintenance obligations or a court decision to pay child support. The first option is faster. Instruction 1 By virtue of Article 99 of the Code of the Russian Federation, the agreement on payment of alimony shall be concluded between the person who is obliged to … Read more

What if an ex-spouse hides income?

Very often at one of the stages of divorce men threaten to hide their income, saying the phrase “I will bring to court a certificate that I have a salary of 10 thousand rubles, and at all will not see anything”. This is one of the most common manipulations. Or the second common situation — … Read more

What rights a civil husband has to a child

Civil marriage To date, civil marriage is not uncommon. A civil marriage is considered voluntary residence and general economy between two people, without any legal obligation. To avoid scandals and court in a civil marriage, the best solution would be to draw up a contract that could describe all the rights and obligations of the … Read more

How property is divided in divorce

Instruction 1 The process of division of property is governed by the Family Code of the Russian Federation. Under family law, all property acquired by the spouses in marriage is joint. According to the rules of divorce, half of this property must be received by the husband and the other half by the wife. However, … Read more

How aliments are accrued

The order of alimony accrual, their size is determined in articles 81-83 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the specified document contains the legal basis for the occurrence of the obligation to pay the elements. The obligation of parents to support their children.$ If parents live together with children, … Read more