How to fill out your tax return in 2017

You will need – Internet access; – Declaration program; – fountain pen with black gel paste – when filling the declaration manually. Instruction 1 If you are making a declaration in the program, you need to enter your personal data on the “Information about the declarant” tab. In the appropriate fields, specify your residence address … Read more

How to file an NDFL if sold to a machine

You will need the Declaration Program. Instructions 1 Find the Declaration download file on the Internet and install it as a regular program on your computer. 2 By running the installed program on the desktop, select the declaration type “3-NDFL” and fill in the suggested items in the “Filling conditions” tab: Select tax inspection number … Read more

What is a personal INN

Behind the acronym TIN hiding the identification number of the taxpayer citizen registered and residing on the territory of Russia. Such code is also given to organizations, both individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. But it will be told more about it later. First and foremost, it is necessary to understand in more detail what the … Read more

How to sue for moral harm

Instruction 1 Make a statement based on the requirements specified in Article 131 of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation. If the document does not comply with the rules stated in this article, the action will not be considered by the court. 2 Statement you can write both by hand and print … Read more

How to file a claim for material damage

Instruction 1 In court practice, material (property) damage is called someone’s action in which another person loses part of their material goods. The claim for compensation of material harm is submitted to the court office in writing. This document should contain 4 main parts: introductory (present in any statement), descriptive, motivational and supplictive (summing up). … Read more

How to keep an accounting log in 2017

You will need – log of contracts; – contracts. Instruction 1 Develop a form of contract logging. It should reflect the characteristics of the enterprise and be easy to use. At a large enterprise, it is possible to approve this form of the journal by special order, supplementing it with recommendations for completing documentation. 2 … Read more

How to write a negatory claim

Features of a negatory claim The owner of the property files in case the violation of his right to exercise the powers of the owner does not deprive him of the right to his possession. The definition of this concept is given in Article 304 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which describes … Read more

How to make a user agreement

The essence of the user agreement isinherently a contract that is concluded between two parties: the provider of online goods and services or the developer software and the consumer of these goods and services or the user of the product.$ In the form it is a public contract, the registration and content of which must … Read more