How to interrogate interrogators

Instruction 1 Interrogation is a tactical game whereby the investigator receives the necessary information: within which circumstances occurred, what are still sources of necessary information, whether the evidence that is already involved in the case is true. 2 Before calling a witness or suspect for questioning, the investigator carefully examines his interests, education, culture level, … Read more

How to sue a person for slander;

The difficulty in proving that you faced exactly libel is that such a crime is just enough to mix with insult. The same is evaluated by legislation much easier and carries no real punishment in the form of incarceration. In order to bring the case to court precisely under article 129 “Libel”, it is necessary … Read more

What a dog bite could be

The specific liability option largely depends on exactly how events occurred, how severe the victim suffered. Typically, in most cases, the owner of the dog has to pay compensation to the injured person and a fine to the state. Examples of such cases suggest that in case of personal injuries the amount of compensation can … Read more