How to inherit in Russia

You will need – certificate of death, – document certifying the identity of the heir (passport of the Russian Federation) – titling documents on property, – certificate from the last place of registration of the deceased. Instruction 1 There are 2 ways to enter into inheritance in the territory of Russia: by law and by … Read more

Photography in stores: when and what can

To understand whether gadgets can be used for photo and video shooting on the territory of the outlet, it is necessary to understand what includes the concept of “shop”. FZ – 381 tells us that, in order to carry out retail trading activities, a legal entity or individual with IP status acquires a fixed or … Read more

Land inheritance

If the heirs are somewhat possible to share a plot of land passed by inheritance, but only with such a requirement: the minimum size of the plot must correspond to norms that are enshrined, either by regional or local laws.$ For example, the minimum amount of land to be used for the construction of a … Read more

How to prove co-habitation

You will need Passport, statement of claim to court, written evidence, testimony. Instruction 1 The law states that the fact of cohabitation can be determined only by judicial procedure if there is a certain $ kind of evidence. Therefore, first it is necessary to go to court with a statement of claim. In the application, … Read more

Giving or testament: what to prefer

The gift contract is settled by Chapter 32 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the rules on inheritance by will can be found in Chapter 62. The question of choosing a specific way of transferring property usually falls to older people who don’t know which option is safer, more profitable, cheaper. The result … Read more