How to inherit in Russia

You will need – certificate of death, – document certifying the identity of the heir (passport of the Russian Federation) – titling documents on property, – certificate from the last place of registration of the deceased. Instruction 1 There are 2 ways to enter into inheritance in the territory of Russia: by law and by … Read more

What to do if spouse hides property

It is not uncommon when in the process of divorce and division of property one of the spouses tries to hide the property he has. The question arises — is it possible to check the existence of such property independently and how to confirm its existence, if there is indeed one? Now the ownership of … Read more

How to file for divorce in St. Petersburg

Instruction 1 The termination of a barque in Russia is handled by two bodies: the registry office (civil registry office) and the court. In order to file for divorce in the registry office bodies without court, you need to fulfill a number of conditions. 2 First, both spouses must have applications for the state registration … Read more

How children share in divorce

Instruction 1 The divorce procedure in a family where there is a minor child is made only by judicial procedure. Who the children will remain with will also be dealt with separately in court. 2 Spouses may independently come to an agreement on who the child will remain with, and where the child will live. … Read more

Photography in stores: when and what can

To understand whether gadgets can be used for photo and video shooting on the territory of the outlet, it is necessary to understand what includes the concept of “shop”. FZ – 381 tells us that, in order to carry out retail trading activities, a legal entity or individual with IP status acquires a fixed or … Read more

How to fill out your tax return in 2017

You will need – Internet access; – Declaration program; – fountain pen with black gel paste – when filling the declaration manually. Instruction 1 If you are making a declaration in the program, you need to enter your personal data on the “Information about the declarant” tab. In the appropriate fields, specify your residence address … Read more