How to indent html

Instruction 1 To create a paragraph indentation, you can use the inclusion of CSS code in HTML, which will allow you to produce a more subtle setting. To do this in the paragraph tag, include the text-indent parameter: Paragraph text This code creates a paragraph indented 15 pixels from the left side screen. 2 You … Read more

How to edit a site temple

You will need – site template; – Dreamweaver program. Instruction 1 To work with templates it is best to use Dreamweaver program, it can be downloaded on the Internet. This program is one of the best tools for creating a site, it allows you to edit pages both visually and using a code editor. 2 … Read more

How to make a button in html

Instruction 1 Using a descriptor adds a button named and value to the page. The name attribute specifies the element a unique identifier and is used to determine the shape of its value by the handler. Value displays the required text on top. For example, write the following code to create a button: This command … Read more

How to highlight text with html

Instruction 1 The default font color is black. Using the text tag attribute, you can specify a different font color on the page, such as blue: 2 Suitable color can be selected from a table of safe colors that are used in web design. Please note that the text code must necessarily have a # … Read more

How to insert image into html

Instruction 1 The image you want to put on a web page can be located on your computer or on any Internet site. It is important to correctly specify the path to the graphics file so that it appears correctly on your page, for example: 2 The quotes indicate the address of the picture named … Read more

How to insert music with html

Instruction 1 A descriptor can be used to create background music on the page, which can be included in any part of the page. However, web wizards usually insert this tag into the service information between the document: 2 When you fully load the page will start playback the song.mp3 file that is in the … Read more

How to draw a template for a site

You’ll need – Adobe Photoshop program. Instruction 1 Creating your own template is not as difficult a task as it might seem at first glance. You’ll need Adobe Photoshop to work — of course, you need to have at least basic ideas about working with it. But before you start the program and start creating, … Read more

How to add a cart to a site

You’ll need – a special script. Instruction 1 When creating a shopping cart for an online store, first define the algorithm for its operation. Evaluate how the buyer behaves on the site and how the basket script should handle its actions. The buyer should be able to look at the list of products and add … Read more

How on ucoz change template

You will need Basic Knowledge HTML Instructions 1 First you need to go to the Control Panel website. To do this, go to your site under the administrator account. The tulbar of site management will appear on top. In it, click on the General tab. Then, on the button “Login to Control Panel”. 2 Enter … Read more

How to make a screensaver on a site

You’ll need – HTML editor. Instruction 1 If you can not do a screensaver on the site, it is better not to do it, allowing the user to immediately get to the home page site. The screensaver is needed if there is really a need to inform the visitor about something — for example, that … Read more