How to add widget to a site

Instruction 1 Find a website widget on the Internet or download it on a resource dedicated to creating similar items for webmasters. You can use both an external program, the code for which it will be enough to insert on the page, and a separate file with the extension .js, which can be downloaded from … Read more

How to change the home page in WordPress

You’ll need – FTP client. Instruction 1 The home page in WordPress is an item that displays all published entries or announcements to them. If you want to create only navigation elements and display static content, and publish a list of records to another page, go to the admin panel (http://ваш_сайт/ administrator/) and select “Pages” … Read more

How to find the root of a site

Instruction 1 If you use a site management system to administer a web resource, you can open the root folder using the built-in file manager of this system. As a rule, it is enough to go to the file manager page – by default most of them open the directory tree of the site in … Read more

How to edit a flash site

Instruction 1 The easiest way to edit a professionally made flash site in which programmers have the ability to enter changes to texts, hyperlinks, images and other elements. In this case, use the web resource management system – it must include content editing forms similar to those used in normal HTML sites. The main difference … Read more

How to create a forum on your site for free

You will need – forum script; – hosting with PHP and MySQL; – FTP client. Instruction 1 Select the most suitable script for your purposes to install on hosting. There are a large number of free forums, including phpBB, which has a large number of plugins and extensions that create unlimited opportunities for the site. … Read more

How to manage a site

Instruction 1 To effectively manage any practical parameters of the site, use CMS. Today, a large number of engines are presented. Among them are both free and paid systems that aim to meet the needs of the webmaster depending on the purpose of creating the resource. 2 Among the free site management systems, some of … Read more

How to remove a site from WordPress

Instruction 1 Go to the Administration Panel for your site. To do this, in the address bar of the browser, type the address address of your site.en/administrator, where administrator is the folder in which the WordPress dashboard is located. 2 On the page that appears, enter your login and password to access the control panel. … Read more

Why was Wikipedia named Wikipedia?

The question about the nature of Wikipedia’s name is common, but the answer is quite simple, since the word is divided into two constituent parts. “Wiki” is a special format that uses certain sites in their work. The specified format assumes the existence of special tools, using which users can modify the content of this … Read more