How to recognize a lochotron on the internet

Always look very closely at the site of the supposed “lochotron”. There are several distinctive features by which it can be calculated that the case smells like kerosene. The most noticeable signs of fraud in the network On the websites of fraudsters usually can’t find negative reviews. Therefore, comments or guest book may be closed … Read more

How to protect yourself from spam

Instruction 1 Be sure to create 2 email addresses. Use one for business and personal correspondence, and the second for registration on various websites and public information. 2 Never leave your email address in the public domain: comments, social media and other public places. 3 Try to show ingenuity by coming up with a sonorous … Read more

How to return a stolen account

Instruction 1 Try to regain control of your lost account. If attackers have taken possession of your profile, a normal password change can help return it. Search the “Password Recovery” button on the site and follow these instructions. Often, when registering with a password, you are asked to enter a secret question as well as … Read more

How to remove a banner with porn

Instruction 1 Such a banner usually appears in the browser or desktop, existing on top of other windows. Not only is it capable of delivering moral anxiety, it also blocks some operating system functions. If the banner appears exclusively in the browser, just clean the settings of your web browser. 2 For Internet Explorer, you … Read more

How to leave access to only one site

Instruction 1 If you are using Internet Explorer, go to the browser properties, click the “Content” tab. Under Access Restriction, click Enable. In the window that opens, locate the Allowed Nodes tab, and in the Allowed Nodes field, enter the address of the site you want to leave access. Then click the “Always” button. Then … Read more

How to block access to a page

Instruction 1 Create separate accounts with minimum rights for other computer users to restrict access to to certain sites. Then boot under your admin account and put your password on it. 2 Activate the parent settings. This feature is available in the latest versions of Windows operating system and is activated through the account menu. … Read more

How to track traffic in the network

You will need – traffic control programs. Instruction 1 Typically, data theft occurs in two ways: directly connecting to a remote computer, as a result of which the hacker gets the ability to view the folders of the computer and copy the information he needs, and using Trojan programs. It is very difficult to discover … Read more

How to return an account

Instruction 1 Return a stolen account on almost all email services can be used by the same algorithm. Open the main page of the mailer and click on the link “Forgot your password?” Enter the email address you have lost access to and click Next. You will be offered several options to restore your account … Read more

How to block Vkontakte at work in 2017

Instruction 1 Open in Notepad or any other text editor hosts file located in the system folder C:Windоwsdriversetc This file is responsible for translating domain names to network addresses and vice versa. You can also use it to block any network resource. By default, in addition to comments marked with #, this text file contains … Read more