How to clean cache in browser chrome

How do I find the Settings Control Panel in “Chrome”? In order to clean the cache in the browser “Chrome”, first of all, you need to close all tabs with loaded pages of sites. The next step is to search for the Google Chrome Settings and Control Panel. This panel opens when you click on … Read more

How to download files quickly

Instruction 1 At the moment, the most popular is a file distribution system called torrent. This exchange service allows you to download as quickly as possible through specialized programs to work with files that have the .torrent extension. Today, there are a large number of torrent trackers — resources that are the database of torrents. … Read more

How to delete bookmark in yandex

Instruction 1 To delete, add or modify data in the Yandex Bookmarks service, you must have an account in the system. If you are a registered user, start the browser and log in. Go to the Yandex Bookmarks service page. To do this, type in the address bar: or click on your account in … Read more

How to set up internet in htc

Instruction 1 All HTC connection parameters are changed in the “Settings” section of the device. It can be accessed through the appropriate icon in the main menu of the device. Click on the gear icon in the device menu and then on the “Wireless” section. 2 Select Wi-Fi to take advantage of the wireless high-speed … Read more

How to activate webmoney keeper classic

Instruction 1 Every time you start WM Keeper Classic, the computer hardware is tested, and then you run the program and its activation. If the system where you access the program is familiar with WM Keeper, the authorization is performed automatically. If Keeper was first installed on your computer, you may need to enter an … Read more

How to attach files in a letter

Instruction 1 The principle of operation in all mail systems is similar, so small differences in the interface do not play a significant role. Fill in all the necessary fields and forms in your letter: enter the subject of the address, the address of the recipient, the main text. Prepare the selected file for submission. … Read more

How to get rid of the start page

You will need – browser; – Internet connection. Instruction 1 Determine what you would like to see when running a browser: an empty tab, a page of one of the search engines, or maybe of some certain site instead of that start page that is loading now. You can also set up the display of … Read more