How to make a link short

You will need – computer; – internet access. Instruction 1 The service of short links can significantly facilitate work with blogs, forums, news sites where there is a restriction per amount of text. You can also rename links to non-favorable or specialized Internet resources to others that you think are more appropriate. 2 Such links … Read more

What are broken links

Links is the so-called skeleton of the internet. They are the ones that link the billions of documents found on the World Wide Web. Such documents are not only web pages – they can be separate images, text documents, music files, and any other type of information. With the development of the Internet, increasingly on … Read more

What is referral reference

Speaking in technical language, the link itself is an active element of hypertext markup linking two different documents and, in simple words, a link simply leads to a web page, image, file or other document. If you click on the link — a new page opens, a picture will load, a file will be downloaded. … Read more

How to find server in KS

Instruction 1 To start, update Counter-Strike to the latest version. Then go to the Steam platform menu where, using the Find Servers option, search. You must copy the IP address of the server from the window that opens. Then run the CS game using the usual method. After loading, click on the “Find Server” button. … Read more