How to play CS with a hacksock

Instruction 1 To play with a knife in the CS, remember that the knife can have two kinds of blows. The first is right-click and strike a strong but slow blow. The second view will work when you click the left mouse button. This kind of attack does less damage, but is carried out much … Read more

How to make feints in NHL

Instruction 1 Fint in sports is an unusual reception, allowing at the expense of surprise and breaking the pattern to embarrass the opponent, get the game advantage and implement it (score a goal, hold a throw, etc). Fint in NHL games – a combination of keys that allows you to beat an opponent and score … Read more

How to play warrior in WOW

You will need – a computer that meets the system requirements of World of Warcraft; – a registered account and an active WoW subscription. Instruction 1 Select the faction and race of your warrior. If you are closer to the ideals of good, it is better to join the Alliance, and for those who feel … Read more

How to play Warhammer 40000

Instruction 1 To play Warhammer 40000, choose the easiest and most intuitive race of the game — CosmoDant. From the beginning of the game, hire scouts and send them to scout and capture strategic points. Build a barracks and call the spaceborne squads. Equip the fighters with heavy weapons and under the leadership of the … Read more

How to play for paladin

Instruction 1 Starting to play as a paladin, open the character window and select the abilities that will determine his development aside the use of magic or weapons. After that, choose auras that will constantly support your hero. Go to perform quests and with the proceeds equip your paladin with heavy armor and suitable weapons. … Read more

How to play Warlock

You’ll need – computer game World of Warcraft – Computer Instructions 1 To Play Warlock, choose the most cute race in the game, create a character and assign it the Warlock class. After that, choose your hero’s specialization. To summon demons on the battlefield, develop the ability of Demonology to curse the enemy and reduce … Read more

How to make a floor in Maincraft

Instruction 1 When building a house, it is necessary to take into account that one block of its height will occupy the floors. Therefore, walls need to be built as if from the zero level, it is necessary to take into account when marking space under windows and doors. 2 For the floor, the usual … Read more

How to find a game without knowing the name

Instruction 1 The situation is unpleasant, but it can be handled. Use Internet search. Of course, you’ll have to spend a little more time than when looking for a familiar game, but it’s worth it. You can search according to different parameters, everything depends on what exactly you remember about the game you are interested … Read more

How to change bot names

Instruction 1 Go to the folder with the game Counter Strike on your computer’s operating system. To do this, open “My Computer” – “Local Disk C:” – Program Files – Counter Strike – cstrike. Also, the game can be located in the directory “Local Disk C:” – Game – CS 1.6 – cstrike. Location may … Read more