Copywriters school: where to take ideas for states

Instruction 1 The very first and basic rule of copywriter is to walk everywhere with notebook and pen. However, this now quite successfully replaces the phone. Many cell phones, and even more so, iPhones and tablets have functions of Notepad or Notebook. That’s where you should put any notes on articles, topics, ideas, images. Get … Read more

How to run your blog

Instruction 1 First of all you should decide what you need a blog for. What could you share with your future network friends? Do you want to interest the audience with your literary experiments, drawings or photographs? Perhaps you plan to dedicate your blog to a cause you know and love enough — cooking, for … Read more

How to make an exciting start to an article

Never start with platitudes. Do not repeat what everyone knows. For example, there’s nothing worse when an article starts with “Everyone has known for a long time…”. If something long ago and everyone knows, then why repeat it once again? Take right from the place to the quarry. The beginning should intrigue, not “slowly immerse” … Read more

How do I add a bot to a Discord chat?

Catalog of software bots  that perform a variety of tasks, quite a lot, and you can install them not only from official developer sites, but also with separate stores, where you can both purchase them and pick them up free of charge. One of the most popular and relevant now is the store “Carbon Discord … Read more

How to make money on your audio recordings?

Earning methods  Many popular music services allow musicians to earn on their audio recordings, and there are several ways to earn money here funds. Typically, listeners purchase musical compositions by paying for their purchase by credit card through Google Pay, Apple Pay and so on services. There are plenty of such: Apple Music, Google Play … Read more

How to make money on Twitch in 2020?

Built-in Twitch advertising  offers the opportunity to earn budding stimers with built-in advertising. Several service conditions must be met to receive an affiliate program. For a month, the user must conduct live airwaves, the total duration of which will be at least 25 hours. At the same time, broadcasts must be held on 12 different … Read more

What can be written about in the blog

Sources The very concept of a blog is already laid out that it is a site with constantly updated articles. These articles should be as useful as possible to the reader in order to preserve the audience and attract new users. To understand what you can write to your blog, you need to try to … Read more

How to make money on TikTok: multiple ways

Track ads  Unfortunately, TikTok does not offer earnings to its users based on a direct affiliate program like YouTube does, for example. This is due to the small duration of each video and, accordingly, the absence of a large number of advertising banners. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to earn here. … Read more