How to play CS with a hacksock

Instruction 1 To play with a knife in the CS, remember that the knife can have two kinds of blows. The first is right-click and strike a strong but slow blow. The second view will work when you click the left mouse button. This kind of attack does less damage, but is carried out much … Read more

How to recognize a lochotron on the internet

Always look very closely at the site of the supposed “lochotron”. There are several distinctive features by which it can be calculated that the case smells like kerosene. The most noticeable signs of fraud in the network On the websites of fraudsters usually can’t find negative reviews. Therefore, comments or guest book may be closed … Read more

How to get acquainted in Vkontakte;

You will need – personal page Vkontakte; – quality photo on the avatar; – open and complete information about you; – ability to conduct laid-back on-line conversation. Instruction 1 First, take care of careful design of your page. On the avatar you should look if not flawless, then at least neat and natural. Qualitative photos … Read more

How to make a link short

You will need – computer; – internet access. Instruction 1 The service of short links can significantly facilitate work with blogs, forums, news sites where there is a restriction per amount of text. You can also rename links to non-favorable or specialized Internet resources to others that you think are more appropriate. 2 Such links … Read more

How to make feints in NHL

Instruction 1 Fint in sports is an unusual reception, allowing at the expense of surprise and breaking the pattern to embarrass the opponent, get the game advantage and implement it (score a goal, hold a throw, etc). Fint in NHL games – a combination of keys that allows you to beat an opponent and score … Read more

How to use google analytics

Instruction 1 of Google Analytics will allow different categories of people who have their own business on the internet to assess the market in more detail. In this way, managers of firms can get information about the most effective marketing tools and trends in Internet resource attendance, and marketing professionals can learn about where visitors … Read more

How to add widget to a site

Instruction 1 Find a website widget on the Internet or download it on a resource dedicated to creating similar items for webmasters. You can use both an external program, the code for which it will be enough to insert on the page, and a separate file with the extension .js, which can be downloaded from … Read more