How to clean up quickly in a house

You will need a broom, mop or sex rag, vacuum cleaner, monitor wipes, cleaning and cleaning products Instructions 1 Remove the curtains and bed linen from all windows. Fold everything in the bathroom. Now you will definitely wash them, and during cleaning they will not disturb you. Soak tulle with bleaching agent, and curtains and … Read more

How to rid a house of dust

How to clean properly regularly carry out wet cleaning. However, remember that it only needs to be engaged after you vacuum the carpets and clean the dust and dirt floors. The most inefficient option is to wipe surfaces with a wet rag first, and then use a vacuum cleaner. In many ways, the choice of … Read more

How to get rid of the smell in the cupboard

Instruction 1 To start doing a general cleaning in your closet. Remove all clothes from it and wipe well with a damp cloth all shelves and walls, leave doors open. 2 After that, ventilate the room in which there is a closet. Do such a procedure at least once every two months. Take yourself the … Read more

How to wash floors in an apartment in 2017

Preparation of the floor Take out of the room furniture items (tables, chairs, mats, etc.) that can interfere with upcoming work. If the remaining items have dust or dirt, it is advisable to pre-wipe them with a damp rag, this will prevent debris from getting onto the clean floor. Ask also your householders not to … Read more

How to look after plastic windows

Traditional remedies such as alcohol, water, soap can be used to wash glasses. But frames made of plastic will require an individual approach. Cleaner shall not include caustic substances such as alkali, solvents, any abrasive additives. All of these drugs will affect profile color. If the windows are white, yellow blades and spots will appear … Read more