How to organize your life during an epidemic

The threat of coronavirus has forced the government to take unprecedented measures to prevent the disease. Today everything is being done to prevent mass contamination and help most Russians avoid hospital bed and health problems. But, staying at home doesn’t always mean complete security. Psychological aspect Among the main threats facing everyone today, not even … Read more

Peoples Cookware Care Tips

Thermos To disappear the plaque that forms on the walls of the bulb in the thermos, it is necessary to brew in it for a week the tea stronger than usual. The plaque will move away from the walls, nothing further to do is not necessary. The thermos will be clean if instead of boiling … Read more

How to choose a frying skille

Material pan Cast iron pan is a choice of practical and conservative people. The porous structure of cast iron allows the pan to heat slowly and cool slowly, so the heat in it is distributed evenly, and the products are not fried, but languished, acquiring a taste “as from Russian furnaces.” Also, food doesn’t burn … Read more

What corks

There are very many kinds of curtains at the moment. It all depends on your preferences as well as the design of the room. French curtains They come of two kinds — stationary and lifting. The former are not provided to be moved in different directions, they hang motionless. The second kind of these curtains … Read more

Features of living in a community

Community housing is one or more rooms in an apartment where there are several non-related families living on property or social employment contracts connections. Forced living under one roof of very different people often gives rise to conflict situations reaching open battles. In order to ensure that joint existence, united by places of common apartment … Read more

How to keep flowers fresh

You will need a vase, aspirin, scissors, water Instruction 1 Much longer lasts a bouquet of not fully revealed flowers, with dense buds. Chrysanthemums and lilies will stand long, and roses will keep their freshness longer if not mixed with other flowers. 2 Before placing the flowers in the vase, ruffle all the leaves and … Read more