How to tie a beautiful baby coat

You’ll need – spokes 4; – spokes 5,5; – thin sheep’s wool; – 6 buttons; – thin acrylic yarn. Instruction 1 Before you start knitting a children’s coat with spokes, prepare threads. Sink together one wool thread and two acrylic. Determine the dimensions of future coat. The main parameter is the growth of the child. … Read more

How to make a bracelet with your hands

You will need – beads; – seashells; – decorative cord; – decorative roof; – wire; – plastic bottle; – hand drill; – clippers; – glue “Super Moment”; – adhesive tape. Instruction 1 Uncomplicated to make, but a spectacular bracelet can be obtained by stringing large beads onto a thin decorative cord. Halve the cord section … Read more

Distinctive features of “Tild” doll

Doll’ Tilda ‘is a character with disproportionate body parts. At the moment there are many varieties of these toys – animals, fabulous characters, people. However, each of the characters has certain traits that distinguish them from the other dolls. Primarily the main sign of the “Tilda” doll is the disproportionality of the silhouette: long limbs … Read more

Peacock in Kansas technical

You will need – wire; – tangle of yarn; – beads; – cardboard; – satin tape; – fabric; – scissors; – Glue “Moment” – Lighter – Tweezers – Pliers; Instruction 1 Make a peacock frame out of wire. 2 From cardboard cut the tail. 3 Wink the frame with threads, retreating a little from the … Read more

Fetra-hairpin crown

You will need – felt (thickness – 2mm); – beads and pearls beads; – needle for beads; – thread black and pink; – Shears; Instructions 1 Make a pattern and translate it into a felt, carefully cut. Pattern size – 9 cm, length – 13.5 cm. 2 On the sewing machine or manually apply the … Read more

What to make of things on throw

The garbage disposal problem is global. After all, daily people throw out various jams in large numbers. And for nothing. Empty plastic containers, old clothes, old furniture can still be useful. Palm from plastic bottles If you have a cottage, by all means make such a tropical tree. It will delight not only in summer, … Read more