How to choose a labial harmony

Instruction 1 Choose from tools from well-known companies – Suzuki (Japan), Hohner (Germany), Seydel (Germany). These are the largest manufacturers of labial harmonica, which produce not only high-end harmonica, but also good instruments for beginners. Already for 800-1000 rubles you can buy an instrument on which it will be nice and convenient to play a … Read more

What is a cover version

The history of the cover version is called a musical composition that was previously sounded and performed by another musician. It is so often the case that hits that have rattled in the past, with the help of an arrangement or through an unusual manner of performance, get a second life. Incidentally, the cover version … Read more

Best foreign rock bands 70-80 years

Aerosmith Collective from the USA, performing hard rock music. In 1974, the band’s album Get Your Wings sold out over three million records. Until the end of the decade, the team was among the top five performers most popular worldwide. Van Halen Another foreign team performing heavy rock. The virtuoso guitar duo made the collective … Read more

Singer Natalie: Biography

Prologue Song “Oh god, what a man” is now hummed by both adults and toddlers. She sounds from the windows of houses, cars, cafes. The slager of summer 2013 was performed by singer Natalie, the one who sang in the 90s “Wind from the sea blew”. It is not even believed that this beautiful, graceful … Read more

How to release your album

Instruction 1 Start with planning and preparation. Technical aspects, such as the place of recording and distribution, are of course important, but do not forget that the album will be in demand only if you compile it competently. The album is not just a collection of songs your band has. All tracks should be united … Read more

What are the best brands of guitar

“Yamaha” Perhaps the Japanese firm Yamaha is the most popular producer of musical instruments. Flutes, guitars, percussion and more can be found in any music store. Guitars with this brand are usually quite quality due to the fact that the manufacturer uses good wood, and besides the material is selected manually. Add to that truly … Read more

How to choose tams

Instruction 1 Tamtam is accepted to refer to the musical classification of gongs. This small “family” allows you to extract original and mesmerizing sound for listeners. It’s no secret that the gong was treated very awfully at all times. It is an ancient musical instrument that was invented in ancient China. It is made of … Read more