Anthurium: types and features of care

Species and varietal diversity  highlight several types of anthurium: Scherzer, Andre, Crystal, Linden, etc. Anturium André is the most common species. The leaves are heart-shaped up to 22 cm in length. The flower is shiny and wrinkled, reaching 10 cm in length. The plant itself is quite large and can grow up to 150 cm … Read more

Gatsania: a charming African daisy

Instruction 1 Timing and seeding technology The seedlings are sowed from February to mid-March. Take a planting tank and fill it with soil; you can use a ready universal meal for flower seedling or cook it yourself: mix vegetable earth, peat and sand in ratio 1:0, 5:0 .5. It is possible to sow the gash … Read more

How orchids grow in nature

Instruction 1 It is quite common belief that orchids grow exclusively in rainforests, however this is not the case. The orchid is a rather hardy plant, it is able to live in various climatic zones except for too arid and cold areas. However, the greatest variety of species of these wild flowers can indeed be … Read more

Orchid — Maintenance and Leave

Instruction 1 Orchids refer to plants epiphytes, i.e. are able to live on other plants, in nature it is trees. Having an orchid at home should be remembered. No need to try to grow it in the ground, it feels great in the substrate. It can be cooked on its own, or bought ready. It … Read more

How to instill a triangular milk

Despite the external similarity, the triangular milkface to cactus has nothing to do with. It is enough to cut or chop the stem, and immediately you will see milk-tinged juice, which will have a bitter taste. Cacti milk is transparent, resembles water, milk – thick and white. Plant care Like any plant, triangular jelly has … Read more

How to care for orchids of winter

Orchid care rules in winter winter light day in orchids should remain long (up to 14 hours), so extra lighting will be required. You can dispense with ordinary daylight lamps. Comfortable air temperature – 16-18 degrees. Regularly air orchids, provide fresh air at least once a day, only avoid drafts! In winter spraying can harm … Read more

How to collect bouquets

Instruction 1 Flowers, which will become the main component of the bouquet, must surely have long and even stems. The leaves should be removed from the bottom (a third), roses should also cut the spines (otherwise they rot in the vase). If you collect a bouquet of several types of flowers, then the largest flowers … Read more

Why Dracena has leaves dried

Dry air in Dracena’s room can react to excessive dryness of the room air, with the tips of her leaves beginning to dry. If the problem is not eliminated, the plant can drop some of the leaves and eventually even perish. To increase humidity, install a humidifier in the room, or hang wet towels on … Read more

How to care for a chamedorea

Instruction 1 Watering. This palm tree requires moderation. She equally dislikes both drying and overhydrating. Therefore, the drinking regime needs to be watched closely. It is necessary to feed once a fortnight with weak fertilizer solution for ornamental-deciduous plants. 2 Transplant. Having bought this palm tree, don’t rush to replant it. Give her two to … Read more

How to care for fatsie

Instruction 1 Care. The flower tolerates the shadow well, and does not bear direct sunlight at all, likes good ventilation. Therefore, in summer it can be kept in the fresh air, surely shading from the sun’s rays. Fatsia in winter time requires a temperature not lower than 10 degrees, but also above 15 – is … Read more