How to draw a guy

Start of the drawing Consider the entire composition of the future drawing. Decide what pose and what plan the guy will be, whether he will perform any actions, what emotions he will experience, etc. Also try to present visually the color scheme drawing and prepare appropriate simple and colored pencils. Avoid one of the most … Read more

How to draw a harp in pencil;

The harp is just a triangle Look at the harp from the side on which the musician usually sits. You’ll see that it most resembles a triangle. That’s where you need to start drawing. The harp is a pretty tall musical instrument, so the sheet is better put vertically. Drawing musical instruments is more convenient … Read more

How to draw a frog king

What does a frog look like? It’s most convenient to draw a frog in profile. Of course, before taking a job, it’s better to consider a picture, a toy or even a live frog. When your future queen sits sideways to you, her body resembles a rectangle placed on one of the corners and tilted … Read more

What drawing books are suitable for beginners

Self-learning to draw is a complex but very exciting process. Help beginners to believe in themselves, discover their creative opportunities, acquire an individual style and create their first works are designed by numerous editions designed specifically for beginners artists. The most affordable books for beginners The most understandable and accessible drawing books for aspiring artists … Read more

How to draw an aquarium in penal

It’s just a ball Aquariums come in different shapes. It can be a cube, a parallelepiped or a ball, so to begin with you need to learn how to draw the appropriate geometric body. The step-by-step sketch start by drawing a ball. The sheet can be put vertically and horizontally. Draw a horizontal line. It … Read more

How to paint a painting on a canvas oil

You’ll need an easel, canvas or organit/cardboard to which the canvas is glued, brushes of different sizes and varieties such as bristles, columns, nylon, oil paints, odorless solvent, palette, rags. Instruction 1 For the first time you can purchase a finished set of paints in small tubes. Before you start writing a picture you need … Read more

How to draw a swallow

Circle and oval Before you start drawing, consider a drawing or photo with a swallow image. It is better to choose a picture where this bird is depicted in the most characteristic angle — for example, with open wings against the sky, when both the bifurcated tail and sharp wings are perfectly visible. See what … Read more

How to draw a ballerina in steps

Instruction 1 Picture contour start lines. It is very important to keep accurate proportions and location. First, depict the outline of the pack. It should be a sloping oval, the left edge of which is a bit gagged. Then depict the location of the ballerina’s legs, arms and head. These touches will noticeably make the … Read more

How to draw a students

It all starts with a stain of arose hip bush to draw quite simple. Draw a straight line parallel to the bottom edge of the sheet. Draw a rectangle or square with one side lying on this horizontal line. Strongly scroll the corners, round the outline with quick strokes, representing a continuous harmonica, in several … Read more