Art composition: theory for graphic designers

Definition of composition Composition  is the result of combining artistic elements into a single whole, in which most vividly reveals the ideological content, which can be aesthetic or and functional.The composition is based on cohesion with the main story and thematic center of all the less significant elements of construction . Artistic elements of composition Elements … Read more

4 designer rules

Instruction 1 Do not work with all clients in a row. Take orders from only the people you really like. Practice shows that it is better to take a cheap order from a good customer than an expensive one from a bad one. Constant picky and remarks destroy any motivation, which will lead to dislike … Read more

What is a cold light

Light and color are largely related, since the color temperature depends on what exactly a person sees. In the warm light, the outlines of objects acquire a kind of comfort, a homely atmosphere. Cold light, in turn, can keep in tone, stimulate the nervous system, help in work, ensuring high performance. Light can tire or … Read more

Calligraphy for beginners: highlights to be known

Absolutely anyone is able to learn calligraphy. Even someone who possesses obnoxious handwriting has a chance to hone his skill in writing. At the present stage this lesson is very popular. People need postcards with beautiful signatures, wedding invitations, unique design elements with amazing lettering. Modern calligraphy is especially popular, because it ignores all traditions … Read more