Styles: how to organize a party

Styles are a 1950s youth subculture. The basic principles of the current were expressed in protest against norms and stereotypes of society. Styles communicated in their own slang and gravitated towards Western music and dance. The stylish party is guaranteed to be remembered by the invited guests, will leave a bright impression and pleasant fatigue … Read more

How to master street dances

The history of street dancing and their kinds of Street dancing appeared in the 1970s in the United States. They were born right on the streets when cities started to increase populations. Young people practically “lived” on the streets, being brought up and growing up thanks to dance. They took out of the house playing … Read more

How to dance Scottish dances

Kayleigh The simplest dances in Scotland are polkas, waltzes, frills, etc. They do not require any special skills and skills and only serve to have fun and fun. Often, a change of partners is practiced in the kailey, that is, everyone can dance with all partners without guaranteeing a separate dance to someone alone. Scottish … Read more