Chess is a sport or a hobby?

Chess as a sport Once happened a story that is sometimes cited as a clear example of different attitudes towards chess. The young Canadian player with the Russian surname Kuznetsov asked the head of sports department of the province to help perform at junior championship of the world, having allocated a certain amount. And got … Read more

How to play bridge

You will need – deck of cards; – record sheet and writing supplies; – team of 4 people. Instruction 1 Play bridge four, in pairs sitting opposite each other. “North” plays with “South”, “West” with “East”. 2 In the deck 52 cards. The goal of each pair is to score the most points, to order … Read more

What are chess figures

Instruction 1 Each of the players in the arsenal has 16 figures: a king, a ferz, two rooks, two elephants, two horses and eight pawns, which are located in different ways on the field and have different trajectory. 2 King is the most important figure, for which, in fact, is fought. When the enemy king … Read more

How beats the pawn

You will need a chessboard, a set of chess pieces Instruction 1 At the beginning of the batch in each The player has eight pawns that occupy the initial position – stand in a row on the next horizontal after the figures, that is white pawns on the second, and black – on the seventh. … Read more

How to play mahjong

You will need – set of dice for playing mahjong; – 2 hexagonal playing cubes; – set of chips or notebook and pen for counting points; – badges indicating winds. Instruction 1 Consider the bones. There are three suits: dots (dots), bamboos, and signs (symbols). Each contains bones 1 to 9. In addition, there are … Read more