How to connect to 4G

You will need – a computer with Mobile Yota WiMAX module; – USB modem or router. Instructions 1 Purchase a laptop or stationary computer with Mobile Yota WiMAX module to use 4G internet. You will also need a usb modem or set that includes the router and modem immediately. All this can be obtained at … Read more

How to wifi connect computers

Instructions 1 Check Wi-Fi on all PCs with drivers on them. Open Network Control Center (Start – Control Panel – Network and Sharing Center). 2 In the upper left corner of the window, select “Managing Wireless Networks”. Click Next. In the window that opens, enter the name of the network (invent it yourself, such as … Read more

Why the drive doesnt read disks

Instruction 1 Install the latest driver versions for the CD drive. If the device is new, it is possible that the operating system cannot automatically recognize the device. Requires downloading of the required programs from the Internet. 2 Remember what programs or games you’ve been installing recently. Some of them, especially if it’s a pirated … Read more

How to add virtual memory

Instruction 1 The hard disk space where the data is uploaded is called a paging file. You can add virtual memory in two ways: increase the RAM or increase the paging file. In order to maximize system performance and avoid potential device incompatibility problems, it is better to choose the same model that you have … Read more

How to repair an external hard drive

You will need – recovery utilities; – boot floppy under DOS. Instruction 1 External hard disk failures can be divided into two categories. The first, most serious, include mechanical breakdowns and failure of control board elements. It is almost impossible to repair such faults independently. For repair it will be necessary to open the sealed … Read more

How to drop micro circuits

You’ll need – electric soldering iron with thin sting; – rosin; – tweezers; – thin wire; – needle from medical syringe. Instruction 1 Using a soldering iron with thin stinger, remove excess solder from the chips legs. Prepare a thin wire that can be taken from a stranded wire. It will perform the function of … Read more

How to upgrade to BIOS video adapter

You’ll need – atiFlash; – USB drive; – NVFlash Win. Instruction 1 Start by finding the right firmware version. Manufacturers rarely post such files on official resources. To select the correct firmware, use the references in the “Additional Sources” box. Be sure that the selected firmware is compatible with a specific video adapter model. 2 … Read more