How to enable autofocus

Instruction 1 To enable autofocus mode on many professional and semi-professional cameras use special switch that can be set in two modes: AF or M. AF is the standard abbreviation for the name of the autofocus function, and M includes manual sharpness setting mode. If the camera does not have this switch, the mode is … Read more

How to choose a photoflash

Instruction 1 The most important characteristic you should pay attention to when buying a photo flash is the leading number. The larger this indicator, the more powerful the flash, and therefore more shooting opportunities. If the photoflash is weak, the object being shot may not be sufficiently illuminated, especially if reflectors and light modifiers are … Read more

Canon or Nikon: which is better?

The advantages of Nikon cameras: the better Nikon SLRs give excellent quality in low light — compared to Canon’s similar products. In addition, Nikon cameras have many more points of autofocus, which allows the photographer to focus on the places he needs without changing the composition. Thanks to its large digital apparatus sensor (APS-C sensor), … Read more