What smartphone to choose

Smartphone brand As strange as it sounds, but the brand selection gradually goes back to the back burner. First, it is due to the fact that the same enterprises produce products under different brands, investigative, components suppliers vary little. Secondly, in order to reach the domestic electronics markets of the maximum number of countries, smartphones … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A30s smartphone review

Design  appearance of previous models of this line quite liked users, and therefore the manufacturer decided not to make big changes to the design of the new Samsung Galaxy A30s. If you compare the device, for example, with the Galaxy A50, while not paying attention to the dimensions, it is very difficult to notice the … Read more

All advantages and disadvantages of iPhone Xr

Design  Manufacturer releases this smartphone in several color variations, including bright: red, yellow, white, blue, black, coral. Previous models, by comparison, were very poor in terms of coloration: of the unusual colors, only golden was. Phone thickness – 8.3 mm. So he seems a bit thick and heavy in his hand – his weight is … Read more

How to disable short SMS

Instruction 1 The MTS operator has a service called “Content Ban”. It can not be turned on, or disabled from the keyboard of the phone or from the personal account. Call from Home Region on 0890 or 8 800 250 0890. Wait for the consultant’s response. Please inform you that you wish to include the … Read more

What was the first cell phone

First cell phone The first official cell phone was the apparatus of American engineer Martin Cooper, Director of Mobile Communications at Motorola. On this apparatus, on April 3, 1973, he first called his competitor from Bell Laboratories Corporation – Joe Engel. The phone with an antenna sticking out weighed just over one kilogram and worked … Read more