How to choose a good and inexpensive e-book

Screen type Choosing an e-book, first of all pay attention to the screen type, it determines how convenient it will be to read. Most readers prefer E-Ink technology — these electronic inks make the device screen look like a paper book page with a printed font, with the screen not being illuminated from the inside, … Read more

All advantages and disadvantages of iPad Pro

Design The last two years Apple’s tablet reputation is being questioned by consumers. And there are several reasons for that. The main is very simple – the iPad is quite expensive, but competitors produce similar products for a lower price. Also many users don’t see the point in it. A certain layer of people it … Read more

How to disable tablet

Instruction 1 Simply disabling the tablet. Each model has the button “Turn on – off” is in different places: at some – at the side, at some back or at the top. To turn on, you need to press this button and hold a little — until the image appears on the screen. 2 To … Read more

How to install Google Chrome on iPhone

To install Google browser on your iPhone smartphone or iPad tablet computer, you must use the official application service, provided by Apple. Turn on the device you want and connect to the Internet. It should be noted that to stabilize the application download procedure, it is better to use a high-quality Internet channel, such as … Read more

How to choose mp3 player

Instruction 1 Determine the type of player. If you only want to listen to music, the easiest mp3 player will suit you. The cheapest models even lack a display, and many don’t really need it. If you form a small playlist for the player at your computer and know perfectly what order the songs go, … Read more

How to check balance on ipad

You will need an iPad with a valid SIM card Instruction 1 If the SIM card is already inserted in iPad, move on to the next step. Otherwise, find on the upper left side face of the tablet a closed micropanel slot next to which there is a small hole for the key attached to … Read more

Which mp3 player to choose

Memory size The crucial and main feature when choosing an mp3 player is the built-in amount of its memory. The mp3 players presented on the market can have memory from 1Gb to 32Gb, accordingly the price of them varies. Many models of these devices have the ability to expand memory, sometimes memory can be increased … Read more