How a wireless mouse works

Wireless mouse operation Most wireless mice interact with the computer using RF communication, which requires such components like the receiver and transmitter. With a built-in transmitter, the mouse transmits electromagnetic radio signals reporting information about pressed buttons and mouse movements. The receiver connects to the computer, receives mouse signals and transmits them to the operating … Read more

How to insert RAM;

You’ll need – memory module; – screwdriver. Instruction 1 Purchase a suitable RAM module. Modern computers use DDR, DDRII and DDRIII slats, differing in connectors and speed of operation. You can find out what type of memory is used in your PC in the passport that was issued at the time of purchase. 2 Completely … Read more

How to solder the wire

You will need – soldering iron; – rosin; – solder; – voltmeter; – load for discharge of capacitors – insulate; – tweezers; – clippers. Instruction 1 Fully disconnect all objects (wires, parts, boards, connectors, etc.) that you are going to connect with soldering. If capacitors are available, discharge them through a suitable load but not … Read more

How to restore dir 300

You’ll need – WAN cable; – Firmware DIR-300. Instruction 1 Restore is also often used if the firmware process has encountered difficulties and a software failure occurs providing the device. Before the DIR-300 recovery procedure, press the reboot button on the back of the device. Hold the key for about 15 seconds when the router … Read more