How to drink a decoction of red brush

The chemical composition of the red brush is rich. Essential oils, proteins, wax, phenols, sterols, organic acids, anthraglycosides, flavonides, sugars, tannins, nickel, zinc, molybdenum and other useful elements are present here. Due to this diverse composition, Siberian ginseng is used as an oncoprotective, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic drug. In addition, red brush is used in … Read more

How can you treat hormonal failure in home conditions

Effective herbal infusion in the treatment of hormonal failure Wonderfully normalizes the hormonal background infusion of herbs prepared according to the following recipe:– 2 parts pharmacy chamomile– 1 part common wormwood– 3 parts medicinal nails (marigold)– 1 part common yarrow– 2 parts of cardiac desert.$ Take 2 tbsp of herbal collection and pour 2 glasses … Read more