Popular about dental implant

Losing one or more teeth is not only an aesthetic defect, but also a serious medical problem. Impaired dentition integrity leads to deterioration of chewing function, hence a greater strain on the remaining teeth. Implantation allows you to completely restore the dentition, regardless of how significant the deficiencies are. Oral sanation before implantation The dentist … Read more

Why do USI

Instruction 1 ultrasound is one of the most affordable diagnostic methods today in various medical industries. It is a completely harmless and most often a free procedure recommended for patients of different ages. In addition, it requires minimal patient training and is produced in minutes. 2 The basis of the ultrasound method is the reflection … Read more

What is Gestalt Therapy?

At the heart of gestalt therapy is the idea that the human psyche is capable of self-regulation, of creative change under the influence of the environment. In order to become mentally healthy, a person must take full responsibility for their actions and thoughts. The therapist should help the patient switch from the continuous interpretation of … Read more

How plastic surgers do

Instruction 1 The most popular types of plastic surgery are nose, ears and chin correction, forehead, face and neck lift, eyebrow plastic, blepharoplasty, lip correction, Botox injections, enlargement, correction and reduction of breast, liposuction in the waist and abdomen area, buttock augmentation, rejuvenation of hands, reshaping of external shape genital organs, etc. 2 Plastic surgeries … Read more

How blepharoplasty does

Instruction 1 Eyelid skin is virtually devoid of sebaceous and sweat glands, and therefore due to lack of natural lubrication it ages the fastest. Due to the weakening of the turgor, the upper eyelids overhang the eyes, and sacks and wrinkles appear below the lower ones. Blepharoplasty is the lightest and least traumatic plastic surgery, … Read more