Where and when abortion

Termination of pregnancy – The risk of terminating pregnancy always carries risk. Bleeding, inflammation due to the infection, violation of the integrity of the uterus can occur. It is recommended to hold the event early in pregnancy (up to 5 weeks) because the fetal egg and uterine cavity are small in size. In this case, … Read more

How to check a doctor

Instruction 1 Read the feedback on doctors who work in your chosen clinic. Explore the institution’s website online or ask for recommendations from friends and acquaintances, neighbors and other patients. Learn how to better communicate with the specialist you need, how well it accepts patients, what is the cost of health care, if they are … Read more

What the urolog treats

Urology Sections can be divided into three sections: male, female, and child. Male urology (andrology) predominantly specializes in the treatment of causes of male infertility, prostate inflammation, bladder, kidney problems and urinary canal. The specialist also deals with the cure of urolithiasis and certain diseases that are transmitted sexually – for example, ureaplasmosis, genital herpes, … Read more