How to measure pressure: which tonometer is better

Types of tonometers  Science does not stand still, on sale you can find many models for measuring AD, both mercury, mechanical and automatic, not requiring active participation of the patient in the measurement. Modern priobres allow a fairly accurate measurement of pressure. Mercury tonometers Classic tonometers to measure the pressure as accurately as possible. They … Read more

Rules for using bandage

Types of shrubs – how to choose Bandages for those who have damaged the spine are very different from postoperative and maternity shrubs. They are made of medical plastic and silicone and are fastened on the body using special clasps. Postoperative and maternity bandages are stitched from dense cotton fabric with elastane added. She allows … Read more

How fluorography does

Instruction 1 In the fluorographic image, you can see what state the human lungs are in. If there has been an inflammatory process in them, such as tuberculosis, there will be dark spots in the picture. Due to the high incidence of tuberculosis in Russia, doctors of state medical institutions often require fluorography results from … Read more

How do tomography

Instruction 1 Computed tomography – method of obtaining layered image using X-rays that are processed on computer. A conventional X-ray does not allow for a soft tissue image, a computed tomography is used to produce an image of any organs. 2 During a CT scan procedure, several X-rays are taken from different angles using a … Read more

Slimming stimulation waist

The latest generation slimming belts have small sizes, attractive appearance, simple and reliable device. Such a belt is quite possible to wear under clothes, and it almost won’t be noticeable. It gives the same effect as it can be after a full massage session. However, this product also has contraindications, so just in case consult … Read more

Snake-like robots go to replace surgeons

Today robots are used in medicine increasingly, especially in surgery. With their help, complex and subtle manipulations are performed more accurately. The “head” of a robotic snake with a high quality camera installed on it, shows a complete picture of the patient’s internal condition. And segments flexibly connected together allow the device to bend, while … Read more

How to use an inhaler

You will need – nebulizer; – purified water; – physical solution; – solution for inhalation. Instruction 1 Examine the instruction before using the inhaler. Incorrect care of the device can cause its breakdown, and incorrect use of medicines can harm health. 2 Prepare the inhaler to work. Regardless of the configuration of the nebulizer, the … Read more