Why are hands regularly cold

Reasons If you notice your limbs are constantly cold – this is a serious reason to visit a doctor. Experts found out that legs and hands lollify very often due to spasm in small capillaries. In turn, blood stops coming in the necessary quantity. The bottom line is cold limbs. In addition, a variety of … Read more

Dysentery: Symptoms and treatment

Symptoms of dysentery dysentery dysentery is generally divided into acute and chronic form. In some cases, a person may only be a carrier of the bacterium. The incubation period lasts about 2 days. Then the phenomena of intoxication are manifested. Dysentery, whose symptoms are similar to poisoning, manifests: Vomiting; Temperature rise up to 38 degrees; … Read more

Causes and symptoms of vasculite

Causes of vasculitis Primary vasculitis develop independently without being a consequence of another disease. Secondary vasculitis occur against the background of other pathologies. Some vasculitis flow relatively easily without harming the body, and some disrupting vital organs, which can lead to disability and even death. Vasculitis arises for a variety of reasons. Quite often it … Read more

How to live without gallbladder

Instruction 1 Eat at least 5-6 times a day. Regular food contributes to the secretion of bile and excreting it into the intestine. This is an important process preventing its stagnation in the bile ducts and the formation of stones. Don’t give up eating olive and sunflower oils, they are good biliary remedies. 2 Reduce … Read more

What is an extensive heart attack

Description During the period of extensive infarction, a certain section of the heart muscle — the myocardial, which leads to a large disruption of the cardiac operation -vascular system. This condition puts human life at serious risk. In medical practice, extensive infarction is classified as an acute form of ischemia. It is a disease that … Read more

What to do if the bottom of the belly bolit

Pain at the bottom of the abdomen, accompanied by blood secretions unrelated to the onset of menstruation, is indicative of pathological processes, occurring in the genitalia. In this case, you can’t use painkillers and spasmodic drugs, and you need to contact a doctor immediately. As diagnostic methods, you will be assigned ultrasound, magnetic resonance or … Read more

How to understand why veins are viewed

Description One of the most common problems of blood vessels is considered varicose veins. It is necessary to know that veins are blood vessels that rotate blood directly from the body’s tissues to the heart. On the other hand, arteries move blood from the heart to the body. Veins, unlike arteries, have small amounts of … Read more

What to do not get infected with a coronavirus

Self-isolation To start, self-isolate  as much as possible. Without need, do not appear in crowded places (public transport, shops, cafes, cinemas, etc.). While in them, keep a safe distance — not less than 1 m to a person. Avoid welcome handshakes, hugs and kisses, especially with people who have cold-like symptoms (sneezing, coughing, runny nose). … Read more