How to choose a sedative;

It is necessary to find out the cause of the disorder Some sedatives are designed for sufferers of insomnia, others for those who live under constant stress and disorders. Therefore, it is worth making clear what is disturbing, and only after that go to the pharmacy. Every day the nervous system is heavily affected. Most … Read more

How to pass analysis on herpes

Instruction 1 The main symptom of the disease is skin lesion in the lips, wings of the nose, mouth mucosa or genitalia. Occasionally, skin swelling, burning and itching can occur. Often herpes is accompanied by weakness and rising body temperature. Blood tests are taken from the vein on the arm. The presence of infection is … Read more

Why do blood analysis

General blood test This laboratory analysis allows you to know in particular the level of hemoglobin in red blood, the number of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, and leukocytic formula. In other words, by donating blood for a general analysis, the patient will give the doctor the opportunity to identify anemia or … Read more

How to get rid of windbreak

You will need – vitamins; – antihistamines; – greenery or manganese; – calamine lotion; – bergamot oil; – Paracetamol. Instruction 1 Treatment of chickenpox takes place normally in outpatient conditions, try to keep the bed regimen. There are no special preparations for chicken pox, but there are many different possibilities that will help to reduce … Read more

What is hemodialism

Indications for the conduct of hemodialysis for the first time a session of hemodialysis in humans was held in Strasbourg in 1911. Widespread use of the procedure has now saved millions of people suffering from acute and chronic kidney failure. Hemodialysis is prescribed in the presence of signs of uremic intoxication: nausea, vomiting, unstable pressure, … Read more

Four remedies for toothpain

Painkillers With severe toothache the most effective way you will help painkillers, which you can buy at the pharmacy. Try ketans, which should be drunk one tablet twice a day. This product buys unpleasant sensations for about six hours — enough time to visit the dental office. Tempalgin, baralgin, nurofen, dexalgin can also be used. … Read more

What to do in hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids is a disease of the veins of the rectum, with varicose nodes forming in the anal zone, which may not disturb the patient for a long time. When the disease worsens, nodes fall outward, anal pain begins, thrombosis and bleeding can develop. Blood stasis in vessels, reduced vascular wall tone and increased pelvic pressure … Read more

Glycemic index value for body mass normalization

Characteristics of glycemic index  All foods along with proteins, fats necessarily contain carbohydrates. These groups of compounds determine the calorie content of food. Another indicator of nutritional value is the glycemic index. In the medical literature it is shortened to the acronym “GI”. The glycemic index reflects the rate of cleavage of a particular food … Read more

How to get rid of a climax

You will need – hawthorn; – marsh drying; – seed smelling; – water; – fruit and vegetables; – Valerian infusion; – flower pollen – mint – vodka. Instruction 1 Get rid of hot flashes during menopteric syndrome helps active lifestyles. It is necessary to arrange yourself regular physical activity – be sure to walk more … Read more