What is gender

Difference between the concepts of gender and sex Until a certain time it was believed that the sex trait is immutable and independent of the will of the individual. However, the presence of certain genitals in a newborn child does not yet mean that it clearly refers to boys or girls. For example, in the … Read more

Soy lecithin or palm oil — which is harmful

Biological supplements to food have varying degrees of significance. But in most part they all apply to make the production of products cheaper. However, a number of requirements in the manufacture of certain food products can still not be violated, here manufacturers and come up with, as possible, without degrading the nutritional value of the … Read more

Why are hands regularly cold

Reasons If you notice your limbs are constantly cold – this is a serious reason to visit a doctor. Experts found out that legs and hands lollify very often due to spasm in small capillaries. In turn, blood stops coming in the necessary quantity. The bottom line is cold limbs. In addition, a variety of … Read more

Festal: Instruction

Pharmacological properties of Festal (festal) improves the cleavage of proteins, fats and carbohydrates entering the body with food. Analogs of the drug – Digestal, Enzistal, Penzital. The enzymes amylase, protease and lipase, which are part of the drug, contribute to the absorption of nutrients. Bile extract has biliary effect, improves absorption of fats and vitamins … Read more

Dysentery: Symptoms and treatment

Symptoms of dysentery dysentery dysentery is generally divided into acute and chronic form. In some cases, a person may only be a carrier of the bacterium. The incubation period lasts about 2 days. Then the phenomena of intoxication are manifested. Dysentery, whose symptoms are similar to poisoning, manifests: Vomiting; Temperature rise up to 38 degrees; … Read more

“Gastal”: Instruction

Pharmacological properties of “Gastala” The composition of “Gastala” includes aluminum hydroxide magnesium carbonate gel and magnesium hydroxide. These substances are able to quickly and for a long time neutralize hydrochloric acid in the stomach and maintain normal acidity (pH 3-5). One pill “Gastala” suppresses the effect of almost 21.5 mmol of acid. “Gastal” reduces the … Read more

How to choose a sedative;

It is necessary to find out the cause of the disorder Some sedatives are designed for sufferers of insomnia, others for those who live under constant stress and disorders. Therefore, it is worth making clear what is disturbing, and only after that go to the pharmacy. Every day the nervous system is heavily affected. Most … Read more

How to lose weight without stretch

Instruction 1 To prevent stretch marks from appearing, you need to lose weight slowly and carry out skin tightening treatments. But the main thing, of course – smooth slimming. Strict diets are not appropriate, especially when it comes to a lot of primordial weight. 2 Diet diet next: morning – high carbohydrate dish. It could … Read more

Why prescribe tranquilizators

Why people are prescribed tranquilizers Some people often experience nervous overloads, stresses, feelings of fear, anxiety. It doesn’t go without a trace. Often, as a result, there is constant nervous arousal, insomnia. And in the most severe cases, the case can go to mental distress. If the usual methods of soothing, relieving nervous tension (autotraining, … Read more