What to do with purple cable

How to process purple cabbage Before cooking purple cabbage should be processed. The upper, coarser leaves are removed from the coachan, the leaves damaged during storage, changed color. The cabbage is washed under cold water, dried, wet with a paper kitchen towel. Before shoving, you should cut the cog into four wedge and cut out … Read more

Main features of Korean cuisine

Traditional Korean cuisine The basis of Korean cuisine , as well as the cuisines of other East Asian countries – this is rice. It is eaten boiled, as well as fried, turned into flour and made noodles from it. Rice has historically played a role in the country akin to that of wheat in European … Read more

How to eat scorpions in 2017

Instruction 1 Scorpion is a poisonous animal. If it bites a person, a lethal outcome without medical care is entirely possible. Yet this dangerous creature is eaten. The secret is simple — scorpion venom becomes nedangerous after heat treatment. In the same way prepare snakes or poisonous sea gads. If the cook is the master … Read more

How to stew cabbage properly

Which cabbage is suitable for stewing Most often stewed white cabbage, fresh or sauerk, but it is far from the only one suitable for this type of treatment. With certain caveats regarding color change, it is possible to braise red cabbage, much less time it takes cooking Savoy or Chinese cabbage. How to process cabbage … Read more

Most Popular Student Food

Students living with parents For reasons of economy or convenience, a significant proportion of students in the first years or all of the time of study remain living with parents. This allows them to save time organizing their own lives, including cooking. In the case of living at home, part of the time the student … Read more

How to make dishes out of granate

You’ll need -Purified Pomegranate Pants -Any Dishes Instructions 1 Pomegranate the bones are combined with any type of yogurt. If desired, you can cook your own. In the bowl, mix 2 cups of vanilla yogurt with 2 cups of muesli and 1 cup of pomegranate grains. Yogurt can be eaten in the morning or during … Read more