How to arrange a waiter and get a good service

To paraphrase the famous saying, saving visitors (establishments) is the work of the hands of the visitors themselves. The service is provided by the staff, which means you need to submit yourself from the advantageous side so that your waiter does not perceive you as a vexing interference. 1. Don’t choose the table too handy. … Read more

What are Michelin stars

History of the guidebook In 1900, one of the founders of the famous Michelin tire company André Michelin came up with releasing and distributing free to consumers of their products some guide, which contained a list of places where the traveler could repair the car, leave the car in a parking lot, rent a room … Read more

Why do waiters eat for guests?

Facts thing is stubborn, and practice, contrary to the opinion of some “specialists”, stubbornly shows – waiters eat for guests. Kazan poet Avil Gordovski, author of the books “Natural Exchange”, “Spices and Passions”, “Club 28″, “I like it!” , there is such a poem: The new Kazan phenomenon, before whom and the old one is … Read more