What kinds of halva exists

A bit of history Historians claim that the first time the halva appeared in Iran. At first it was made for harem beauties, but then its purpose expanded, and it began to enter the diet of warriors, who on the rights of a high-calorie dish gave strength and vivacity. Kandalatchi — esteemed and revered by … Read more

Gaspacho with snow crab

You will need For six servings: – crabs – 200 g; – tomatoes – 1 kg; – two bell peppers; – cucumbers – 500 g; – two garlic cloves; – tomato juice – 500 ml; – olive oil, lemon juice; – one bulb, chili pepper; – parsley, cilantro, sugar, salt, pepper – to taste. Instruction … Read more

How to bake a lazy pie

You will need – flour — 350 g; – dry yeast — 30 g; – milk — 100 g; – butter — 50 g; – sugar — 100 g; – egg — 2 pcs. ; – a pinch of salt; – cherry jam for stuffing. Instructions 1 Dissolve the yeast in warm milk, put in … Read more

What is oregano

Appearance and distribution of oregano Oregano resembles another common spice — marjoran, so these two are often interchangeable. The birthplace of this spice is the Mediterranean region. The adult plant reaches a height of 80 cm, its stem quadrifaceted, covered with soft fluffy hairs. The leaves are oblong-rounded in shape, dark green above, much lighter … Read more

How to cook baked courgettes with minced meat

Baked courgettes with minced meat: recipe Ingredients:– 1,2-1,5 kg young courgettes;– 600 g pork;– 400 g beef or veal;– 1 chicken egg; – 4 tbsp rice;– 1 carrot;– 1 bulb;– 1 tomato;– 50 g hard unsweet cheese;– 3 sprigs of dill and parsley;– 1/3 tsp black ground pepper;– 2.5 tsp salt;– vegetable oil. If you … Read more

Useful properties of linseed flour

Composition of flax flour Linen flour is obtained by grinding the seed. Making it at home will not be difficult, it is enough to fill a handful of seeds in a coffee grinder and grind to a state of powder. Linen flour contains huge amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids and plant proteins, including Omega-3, Omega-6. … Read more

Ideas for making snacks and sandwiches

Recipes for sandwiches There are a large number of types of sandwiches: hot and cold, plain and layered, sandwiches, canapés, cocktail, in the form of towers and pyramids, there are even sandwich rolls and cakes. To prepare a puff sandwich with nut-garlic paste, you will need: – 1 bar;– 100 grams of butter;– 1 processed … Read more

Home Rolls

You will need •Special rice for rolls — 100 g; •Philadelphia cheese — 50 g; •Soy sauce — 100 ml; •Rice vinegar — 50 ml; • Cucumber — 1 pc. ; •Bulgarian pepper — 1 pc. ; •Semga — 100 g; •Wasabi — 20 g; •Leaves of noria — 2 leaves. Instruction 1 It is … Read more